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Main Entry: free
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: without charge
Synonyms: chargeless, comp, complimentary, costless, for love, for nothing, free of cost, free ride, freebie, gratis, gratuitous, handout, on the cuff, on the house, paper*, unpaid, unrecompensed
Antonyms: costly, expensive, high-priced, priced


Free Website or Paid Site Costs.

We can design any size website for you, prices can range from free to, well almost anything.

We can also work with you on a by the hour basis and teach you to build and maintain your own website

Free Website Design

Getting your product online is fairly easy, getting it noticed harder, getting people to buy your product online even harder. We want to see you succeed in growing your business online. If you have a product we can market it online for you, the best website design and website development people motivated to sell your product, if you don't succeed in online sales we don't.

Lets keep it simple, easy for all to obtain.

1/ Free Website, we will design and host a website for you, if you want to own your own domain name then you purchase one (we recommend ) or we will purchase a domain name. If you already have a website we will upgrade it and keep upgrading it free of charge, we may have to shift it to our server to make the most of our available resources.

2/ No outlay for you, there is no setup fee, no charges at all until we make a sale, then we charge 10% of the sale price. We are just like having your own online sales rep.

3/ We do all the online advertising and promoting of your products, once again at no charge to you.

4/ All you need to do is process the sales as we email them to you, its so easy, just contact us below and we do the rest. Nothing to lose just more sales to gain.

Lets keep it free

Even contacting us to find out more or get started is free.
We prefer direct personal contact so please phone me (John Argent) 0800 276 258 or 021 024 266 26

or email

Paid Sites

Need a new website but don't have a product to sell, we will give you a free quote.

I look forward to helping your business grow to its full potential.


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